Junior Year (11th Grade) 

Sophomore Year (10th Grade) 

Roosevelt Senior High School Law & Public Service students receive the traditional A - G Coursework plus the opportunity to take a unique set ofcourses (highlighted inorange) that develops the skills, exposes them to the careers and provides them with a solid framework to make a successful transition to a college or university of their choice and/or productive employment.   

L a w  &  P u b l i c  S e r v i c e  L i n k e d  L e a r n i n g  P a t h w a y

*English 10 - Bullets of Truth: English 

                                  and Public Services (Fall & Spring)

*World History A/B

*Biology A/B (AP Offered)

*Mathematics (All Levels Offered)

*Physical Education 10 (or Team Sports Option)

Junior Year (11th Grade) 

Senior Year (12th Grade)

Roosevelt Senior High School

*Introduction to Civil Law & Mock Trial (Fall)

*Introduction to Criminal Law & Mock Trial (Spring)


*East Los Angeles College Law Pathway Cohort Year 1

  • Sociology 2: American Social Problems  (Fall)
  • History 11: Political & Social History of U.S. 1                       (Fall)
  • Sociology 21: Human Sexuality (Spring)
  • History 12: Political & Social History of the U.S. 2 (Spring)                                        

​*American Literature/Contemporary Composition

*United States History A/B

*Chemistry A/B

*Mathematics (All Levels Offered)

*Legal Practices I & Mock Trial (Fall)

*Legal Practices II & Mock Trial (Spring)

*Government: Journey for Justice in America (Fall)

            and Economics (Spring)


*East Los Angeles College Law Pathway Cohort Year 2

  • Intro. to Oral Communication 101 (Fall)
  • Sociology 14: Law & Justice (Spring)

*Government: Journey for Justice in America (Fall)

            and Economics (Spring)

*Exposition and Composition

*Mathematics (All Levels Offered)